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Dear Friends of the Pärnu Fabergé Society

Heartfelt congratulations on the 200th anniversary of Pärnu born Gustav Fabergé (1814-1894).

In 1842, he set up jewellery production in Saint Petersburg. This he directed for thirty years and established primacy among jewellers. In 1872 he passed on the jewellery establishment to his son, Carl Fabergé.

Carl Fabergé became the supplier to Imperial Hall in 1885; in 1890 he was the expert adviser to His Majesty; in 1910 he was named Court Jeweller which elevated his jewellery firm to the best in the world.

Gustav and Carl Fabergé always remembered their Baltic roots and the skillful craftsmanship of the many Estonians who worked for them was largely instrumental in reaching international fame.

Our greetings and our best wishes for your exemplary work in highlighting the historic presence of the Fabergés in Pärnu and in Estonia.

Valentin Vassiljevitsh Skurlov
Art Scholar, Fabergé Memorial Foundation Academic Secretary,
The Russian Federation Culture Ministry’s Specialist in the valuation of historic items,
Fabergé consultant for Christie’s Auction House

May 30, 2014 Saint Petersburg